The past year has presented homeowners with many twists and turns, forcing families across the nation to adapt their living spaces accordingly. Although an end to the pandemic could be in sight, some COVID-friendly home features may be here to stay. 

The events of the past year have presented homeowners with a critical challenge: living in their homes. Like, all the time. Gone are the days of minimalism, open floor plans, and drab designs. Being stuck at home has ignited a revolutionary spirit among homeowners and artists who want to see more functionality, pragmatism, and liveliness in the homes they design.

If you’re planning on investing time and money into home-improvement in 2021, check out this collection of trending home features, design elements, and creative concepts to consider incorporating into your next project!

Reinventing Your Living Space

What is the one thing most of us did a lot more of in 2020? If you answered along the lines of, “stayed home”, you’re not unlike the majority of people. 

Spending a lot more time at home due to pandemic restrictions, quarantines, the need to work from home, and even personal health concerns caused a lot of homeowners to create makeshift “multipurpose” rooms within their homes. The bedroom became a home gym, the living room became an office space, the dining room is also a daycare, etc.

Although a vaccine is coming, homeowners don’t expect their current lifestyles to change overnight. The New Year will see more permanent additions to the home to make remote living more functional. Think a desk vignette installed in the living room, complete with all the accoutrements you would find in a home office. 

Many folks living with an open floor plan may be regretting that decision now that they find themselves living and working at home with the whole family. Open floor plans aren’t conducive to privacy nor do they aid in functionality. Closed floor plans with multiple rooms designated for different purposes will soon become the norm.

As we have ventured outdoors less often than we used to during the past year, we might start to yearn for the call of the wild. Indeed, nature has therapeutic qualities and keeping plants in the home can be a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing way to bring life and color to your living space. Perhaps that’s why plants and indoor herb gardens are trending like crazy in 2021.

It’s said that keeping plants at home helps increase serotonin levels, and growing fresh herbs and vegetables is a great alternative to more costly store bought produce. 

There is a growing push away from anything false, especially plastic. That means 2021 will include a heavy emphasis on organic materials like stone, wood, and marble. Wicker and rattan will be popular as well. The media focused largely on climate change last year, and sustainability is on many homeowners minds. 

 New Year, New Additions

The New Year will also introduce some brand new trends – some of which are clearly “COVID-inspired”.

Do you remember the toilet-paper panic from the early days of the pandemic? Beset by new restrictions, frightened shoppers took to stores and filled their carts with as much bathroom tissue as they could hold – and soon there was none left! 

To avoid falling victim to such shortages again, homebuyers have been inquiring at increasing rates about the necessity of owning a bidet. A modern bidet is usually installed as a separate plumbing fixture, and is relatively inexpensive and simple to set up.

One of the things many homeowners who began working from home in 2020 and thus spending the majority of their time at home with their families may have noticed is that their energy bills gradually climbed higher and higher. 

One trending solution homeowners are experimenting with is replacing traditional lighting with smart lighting. It’s much more energy efficient because smart lighting uses LED bulbs, saving money on your energy bill. It’s also more convenient because you can control every light in your home with the touch of a finger on your smart phone.

Much like “fast-fashion”, “fast-furniture” is cheaply made furniture with short longevity that is basically manufactured to be thrown away. As homeowners now spend much more time at home, using their things, this will no longer do. Rather, investing in high-quality items, durable fabrics such as stain-resistant Crypton, and being more selective about where and how products are made are trends the modern homeowner is embracing in 2021.

 Saying Goodbye to Tired Trends

There are some trends that are timeless, and others you want to put on time-out. Thankfully, the world of home decor and interior design is ever-changing. 

Stark-white interiors, complete with snowy walls and carpets, with sofas to match, have dominated home decor for the last decade. Even kitchens – historically the messiest room in a house – have fallen prey to this trend. 

The pandemic in all its misfortune has seemingly reintroduced color to our lives. Neutral tones, grey-on-grey, and the pristine coolness of all-white decor are being abandoned in favor of a warmer feel.  Plaids and checkered patterns, diamond flooring, rich hues of emerald green and plum, blush pink and deep burnt orange, and geometric shaped “statement pieces” are being embraced by designers and homeowners.

Certain aesthetics such as the modern farmhouse and mid-century modern now feel dated to many homeowners, who are striving for a more eclectic feel. To achieve this, many designers are incorporating more exotic materials into homes such as natural stone, rattan, marble, and breccia. 

The “Grandmillennial” trend is inspired by comforting elements of design you would typically find at your grandparents’ home. Characterized by floral wallpaper, antique paintings, delicate china, crocheted throws, and other vintage homey touches, this aesthetic is designed to make the home feel nostalgic and consoling.

The industrial design trend is another aesthetic which is characterized by exposed stonework, high ceilings, wood and metal elements, and high ceilings. It’s popular in apartments and suburban settings with less open space to make use of.

We know your life has changed considerably over the past year. Whatever your plans are for 2021, we hope you have a wonderful and happy new year. Hopefully this list of trending home improvement ideas will inspire you to start your own project in the near future!

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