You have survived the holidays – congratulations! Now, it is time to evaluate your values for 2023 and set your course for a fruitful new year. Typically we lay out amazing plans each year only to derail from the course in the last quarter. If that feels familiar, don’t worry because there is always time to reboot, restart, and recalibrate your budget and household. A fresh after-holiday mindset can help you buckle down and get back on track. Here are four helpful ways to counterbalance your December excess and move forward with a whole new 2023 strategy.


Out with the Old…in with Something New

Get ahead of spring cleaning while it’s cold outside and you’re stuck inside.  Go through each room and discard unused items that no longer serve a purpose, are broken, or are simply taking up space. Then, refresh your rooms to be cozier and more inviting. A simple reconfiguration of furniture or consider plush upholstery, large coffee tables as centerpieces, and updated window dressings for cost-effective updates with a major appeal.

Let 2023 Be a Year of Togetherness

Give yourself a reason to reconnect with loved ones. After so much time separated by the pandemic, maybe your home could benefit from a family game or movie night, hosting a gathering of your closest friends, or a planned staycation doing all the things you love to do that keep you on a budget while bringing everyone together.  

Ready to Renovate, Buy, or Sell?

The new year brings a fresh perspective on your finances and current space. Are you ready to add on that family room or upgrade to a new neighborhood? Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to make these things happen?” Set clear intentions.  If buying a new home is on your horizon, consider the steps necessary to get there. If your savings account needs a boost for that down payment, how much will you need to save per week in order to bolster it?

  1. I will get pre-qualified with a knowledgeable lender
  2. I will save $X/week for X weeks for my potential down payment
  3. I will interview and hire a recommended real estate professional
  4. I will tour at least three homes per week

Then, make sure you have a deadline in mind. Even better, tell a close friend or family member about your intentions. Goal-setting is great but if you hold yourself accountable, you are far more likely to succeed!

What are You Looking Forward to?

With your mind on so many goals and projects, do not let the important milestones pass you by! As 2023 moves forward so should your list of successes. Whether you are planning for a big graduation, starting a family, taking that trip of a lifetime that you have been saving for, or simply making more time for yourself – one thing is for sure, you do indeed deserve to take pride in your accomplishments. Doing so will improve your own mood and the relationships you share with others.

Whether personal or professional, your 2023 mindset is about being satisfied with your efforts and your accomplishments. Set goals, support those goals, and then evaluate your successes. Relish in the accomplishments around you and never lose sight of what you are proud of.

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