The number one thing that stands in the way of successful and less stressful real estate sales isn’t what you think.

It’s not home inspections, insurance, or financing. You know, the normal contingent elements. It is far more complicated and harder to tackle than a couple of simple repairs or quotes.

The thing that most impacts the sale of a home is emotions.

It’s natural to feel an attachment to your home.

After all the time spent making memories and building your life in the space, the walls are bound to hold feelings and sentiment that can be hard to let go of. This can make for tough negotiating as it is easy to mistake an emotional connection to memories in a home with the actual value of the property.

While those memories make a home special to the seller, a prospective buyer sees four walls and a roof. Yes, they hope to build future memories there, but they initially lack the attachment.

On the flip side, bad memories can lead to a sale in which a seller is so eager to be done with that chapter in their lives that they don’t get the best return on their investment. This can lead to thousands of dollars in lost profit.

Whatever your reason for selling, understanding the emotional attachment you have for your property and having a plan in place to tackle it will serve you best in the long run.

Before your property hits the market, discuss your goals and boundaries with your real estate agent. It is important to discuss things like your expectations for showings and your level of flexibility in considering the terms of offers received. If you discuss these things with your real estate agent in advance, they can help you navigate the emotional strain and keep you on track to meet your goals.

During the sale, it’s important to keep your end goal in mind. You’re moving on to better things after all! But we know it’s easy to get caught up in the stress.

The negotiations of your sale will be the most difficult hurdle to overcome. Keep in mind that a lot of offers are a starting point to enter negotiations and aren’t the end game. While the first offers you receive are usually the strongest, it doesn’t mean you’ll get everything on your list the first try.

 Work with your realtor to negotiate a contract that is favorable for you and the buyer so everyone leaves the table excited for the next steps.

Sometimes, contracts fall apart. That is an emotionally, and potentially financially stressful situation which can result in feeling defeated, angry, and hopeless. Don’t let that stop you from pushing to get the best deal on your property. In the unlikely situation that a transaction fails, get ready to get right back into the market. It is the best way to secure a sale, even if it feels like a rollercoaster.

Our specialty at Elite Property Sales is making real estate less stressful. Our team has decades of experience in the Central Florida real estate market and knows the best course of action in any situation. We guide our clients through every step of the transaction and inform them so they can make the best decisions about their home and sale.

At the end of the transaction, when the keys are handed over, it can be sad to let go. It is  important to keep the reason for selling in mind so you can cherish the memories of your former home and look forward to the future in your new one.

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