When you buy a home, do you consider how easy it will be to sell down the road? While it’s easy to update aesthetics in your home there are many features of a property that make it more or less valuable. If you’re buying a new house considering how sellable it will be in five years is important.

Trends come and go. Design choices and paint colors that are popular now may still be relevant when you decide to make another move down the road but they are by most standards, easy to change. What isn’t easy to change is the bones of a home.

Before you buy, here are some key features that impact the value of a property that aren’t so easy to makeover when the time comes to sell:


There is a sweet spot when looking at the best number of bedrooms in a home. This comes down to many factors including lifestyle and household size. For example, whether someone has a large family, requires a home office, wants a yoga room in their home, or enjoys hosting guests will impact the number of rooms they require in a property. While there is no magic number, three and four bedroom homes are the most searched for properties in Central Florida.


Where a property is located has a huge impact on its value. The nicest home with an inconvenient location will always impact value.  For example, easy access to major roadways may be of consideration or within close proximity to dining and entertainment.  With many new communities and developments, determining the pros and cons of location is always important. 

Storage Space

Walk-in closets, kitchen cupboards, and garage space come in handy for most people. Whether it’s to store sporting equipment, twenty five pairs of shoes, your Christmas tree in the summer, or simply all the things accumulated over the years, having somewhere to put extra belongings and keep day-to-day use of a home functional is incredibly valuable. Some storage space can be added by a quick renovation, such as cupboards and shelves, but adding features like pantries and closet space takes away from the livable space of a home. These are features that buyers love when looking at homes for sale.


Houses with more than one full bathroom are incredibly desirable to buyers. It allows them more privacy and space in the home whether from other family members or guests visiting. Adding new bathrooms to a home is a more difficult renovation project because of the plumbing requirements to properly drain toilets, showers, and bathtubs. Even if that second bathroom is dated, it is more desirable that it is there than not at all. New fixtures are easy to install when the plumbing already exists.

Finding the perfect home for your needs is what is most important. One of those needs in five or ten years may be to sell your property. Looking at the big picture and considering features that are valuable to buyers will put you in a great position when it’s time to sell.

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