The new Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday 2020 for the state of Florida starts tomorrow! In Central Florida, it’s rare that we are as significantly impacted as coastal cities when hurricanes hit, but there are still precautions we can take to prepare ourselves for powerful storms, heavy rains, and the worst-case scenario.

This weekend, from May 29 until June 4, you can stock up on essential items and prepare yourself and your home for emergencies. These items are great to have around the house for simple power outages or in case of serious emergencies. Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday gives you almost a full week to shop for supplies and get a great deal.

Here’s what’s on the tax free list:

$10 and under:

Reusable Ice
Reusable Ice Packs

$20 and under:

Any portable self-powered light source

$25 and under:

Kerosene containers
Gas containers
Diesel fuel containers
LP gas containers

$30 and under:



This includes rechargeable batteries of the listed sizes only and excludes car and boat batteries.

Food Coolers and Ice Chests

$50 and under:

Rachet straps
Bungee cords
Tie-down kits
Ground anchor systems
Plastic sheeting
Plastic drop cloths
Flexible waterproof sheeting
Radios (battery, solar, or hand crank)
Two-way radios
Weather band radios

$750 and under:

Portable Generators

Year-round Tax Exemptions

First-aid kits
Canned food
Bottled water (plain water, not flavored or carbonated)
Baby food and formula
Prescription medications
Over the counter medications (exceptions apply)

Tax-free shopping weekends are a great way to stock up on essentials you’ve been holding off buying. Instead of waiting for a sale that may never come, prepare yourself and your home with supplies you need in case of an emergency. In case you missed it above, the dates are from May 29 to June 4, 2020.

Check online or call ahead to ensure the items you’re looking for are in stock and included in the tax-free holiday savings!

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